Using the fireplace

By using the fireplace correctly, you can make sure that the combustion is as energy-efficient and clean as possible. The characteristics of different fireplaces and the ways they are used vary, so you should always read the instructions for your own fireplace carefully.

Place the fireplace in a central location

A fireplace will provide heat best when you place it in a central, open location. This allows heat to radiate as widely as possible. In practice, the fireplace provides heat best in the areas where it can be seen.

The deliveries of all heat-storing NunnaUuni fireplaces always include the installation of the fireplace. An authorised NunnaUuni installer will assemble your fireplace and connect it to the existing flue.

The installer will then start the first fire and carry out the heating test of the fireplace. The installer will also provide you with the necessary guidance in using the fireplace correctly.