Fireplace for all purposes – heat as you like it

The purpose of use and thermal properties of fireplaces vary. The more carefully the fireplace has been selected to fit your own needs and the size of your home, the better the result.

Our heat-storing soapstone fireplaces release heat for up to 48 hours, the heat-storing injector fireplaces for up to 24 hours, and the small stoves for up to four hours.


In addition to the area to be heated, the right size for the fireplace also depends on how leak-proof the building is, its thermal insulation, ventilation, and the surface area of the cold exterior walls and windows.

The area heated by the fireplace is also affected by the shape of the dwelling, the dividing walls, and the placement of the fireplace. In practice, the fireplace provides heat best in the areas where it can be seen.

If the fireplace is primarily purchased to create atmosphere or to provide additional heat, even a fireplace with less thermal energy will be suitable for the space. In fact, an over-efficient fireplace can raise the room temperature too high.

The attached diagrams show how large an area fireplaces with different amounts of heat output (kWh) can heat at different external temperatures.